Glimpses of Happiness - A human-interest book that is a labor of love. Laughter for the Soul.
Book, Happiness, Jerome (Jerry) H Perlmutter.
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Glimpses Of Happiness


A human-interest book that is a labor of love. Laughter for the Soul.

Featuring lighthearted, easy reading, Seinfeld-like vignettes about topics of everyday life. Humor that will make the reader smile and laugh and say yes, this can happen to me too!

Topics that everyone can identify with such as arts and entertainment, clothing and fashion, commentaries, communication, reading, writing, listening, speaking, dining, food, everyday life, families, babies, kids and children, medical, pets, events, socializing, sports, recreation, travel, transportation, weather and much, much, more.

The target audience for this book is far-reaching. From moms, dad, kids, doctors, lawyers, actors, comedians, movie buffs, teachers, just everyday folks.

As you read these lighthearted heartfelt glimpses into life I am sure you will find that everyone can relate to these in one way or another.

The goal is to feed the mind with the written word and, at the same time, feed the soul with warmth and humor.

Glimpses of Happiness will donate proceeds from the sale of the books to help support the good works of SOME.

Mission & Vision

The Need

There are 6,904 men, women, and children experiencing homelessness in our nation’s capital. Nearly one in five DC residents lives at or below the poverty line, struggling to meet even their basic needs.

Our Mission

SOME (So Others Might Eat) is an interfaith, community-based organization that exists to help the poor and homeless of our nation’s capital. We meet the immediate daily needs of the people we serve with food, clothing, and healthcare. We help break the cycle of homelessness by offering services, such as affordable housing, job training, addiction treatment, and counseling, to the poor, the elderly, and individuals with mental illness. Each day, SOME is restoring hope and dignity one person at a time.

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The Author

The author of the book is Jerome (Jerry) H Perlmutter. He wrote his lighthearted Seinfeld-like vignettes while suffering from a brain tumor. All his life he wrote. Random House published his book, A Practical Guide to Effective Writing, in 1965. He was head of communications for the Department of State, taught writing and editing at the World Bank and worked with Nancy Hanks at the National Endowment for the Arts. Later in life he started his own small communications company, Perlmutter Associates.

In honor of her father, Diane knew there would be an audience for his writing. Her background was quite diverse. In the mid-70s, she parlayed a professional career in dental hygiene into launching “Dental Fill-ins,” the first dental placement agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. Applying marketing skills acquired throughout her career she started “On-Site Advertising” in the 1990s, offering local businesses an affordable way to reach their customers through a network of San Francisco neighborhood newspapers. Her creativity extends to inventing consumer products, and now she owns two provisional patents.

Diane’s passion over the past ten years, however, was to find a voice for her father’s writings, which has culminated in this book, Glimpses of Happiness.

The Book


It has been my passion for many years to be able to share my father’s writings with the public. My Dad suffered with a brain tumor for 14 years. His therapy was writing. And writing he did. During that time he wrote over 500 snippets of life he called Glimpses. In his own words, he said, ” I have deep respect and abiding faith in America’s healers and helpers.”

So as this book reaches a wide demographic, it also touches those who might be suffering from an illness and looking to add some lightness and humor to their lives. Glimpses of Happiness offers that to them. As the years went by and he wrote more and more it became clear to me that others could benefit when reading his writings.

When you open this book and look through the contents you will see the full range of topics that touch on everyday life experiences. It is my hope you will get as much enjoyment from these Glimpses of Happiness as I have.


With Diane Perlmutter Reynolds

Diane Perlmutter Reynolds

I have always been a relatively “free” spirit. But not in the sense of taking off and doing crazy things. My definition of “free” is being open and creative while seeking challenges to explore ideas that might serve the community better. Mostly working in a solo environment.


As a serial entrepreneur, I have started the first dental employment agency in San Francisco in the mid 70’s. From there went into publishing and advertising sales serving over 14 San Francisco local neighborhood newspapers. And, at the same time, invented products with an eye toward getting them into the marketplace. Currently I hold two provisional patents.


For the past 10 years my Dad’s writings have been my focus. In 2018 I published an interactive calendar of illustrated vignettes, which was embraced by a Senior Living Community.


Having the opportunity to publish a book of my father’s writings, Glimpses of Happiness, is my most cherished accomplishment. The goal is to feed the mind with the written word and, at the same time, feed the soul with warmth and humor.

Diane Perlmutter - Editor Glimpses of Happiness



Glimpses of Happiness, Laughter for the Soul” is a book full of little time capsules reminding us where we were, and how far we have come, as a society riding a wave of transformation from the industrial age to the information age. These are reminders of our common heritage, and regardless of how our lives and those around us change, some basic emotions and rites of passage will always be the same. Thank you Jerome Perlmutter for capturing bits of Americana from our past, so that we can see the connections to our future.

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Paul Kozakiewicz

Journalist & former Newspaper Publisher


“I had the pleasure of chatting with Diane Reynolds as my special guest on Book Chat a few months ago. Book Chat is a monthly educational program that introduces authors to the community and offers an opportunity to add to the conversation about aging well. Diane took on a project of love and tells how she created a lovely, finished product. She worked her way through her father’s prolific writings and created a delightful book called, Glimpses of Happiness The book is wisely divided into manageable sections and are great stories to read aloud.
Diane is a great guest with behind the scenes stories to inspire discussion. Her father passed away, but his legacy of words and cheery thoughts continues through her.”

Patricia Dubroof

Creative Aging Specialist, Assisting Hands Home Care

Glimpses of Happiness” make me wish I could have known the author personally. His warmth, intelligence and humor shine through in each and every word.

Heidi Swillinger

San Francisco Bay Area Journalist & Book Editor


You’re definitely one of my most inspiring authors. You’re always looking for ways to improve and learn. It’s amazing.

Logo Author Source

Mike Owens

CEO, AuthorSource Media


“Our residents really enjoyed your talk and listening to a few of your father’s snippets. It’s perfect for those who are not big readers since you can read a few at a time and not feel overwhelmed by having to read a whole chapter or two at a time. One of our residents mentioned that to me afterwards & told me how much she was looking forward to reading the book whenever she needed a smile or ‘pick me up’”

Allison Long

Highlands Activities Coordinator, Kensington Park Senior Living

Glimpses of Happiness” was written by an observer of life’s foibles and lovingly brought to us by his daughter, Diane Perlmutter Reynolds. It is as though Jerome H. Perlmutter resides in the part of our brains that looks at situations and agrees with us about the absurdity or bittersweet nature of what we share. His coverage of a myriad of everyday topics will leave you with stronger cheek muscles, because you will be smiling throughout this book.

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Roberta Schultz Benor

Author & Lecturer


“Our residents at Cadence Senior Living enjoyed the Glimpses of Happiness program when you came to our community in Sep- tember. They really connected to your story and to your experiences living with and caring for your parents. The ‘glimpses’ in your book provide an interested jumping off point for fun discussions about our lives and shared experiences. We read these snippets and reminisce with the memory care residents as well. You’ve shared a gift with us through your father’s writing and we love it!”

Marianne Teixeira

ADC, Memory Care Director, Cadence Senior Living, Olney MD

Glimpses Of

Have a look at some illustrations and make your soul laugh.

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